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What is Sustainable Business / Evaluating Your Business?

This should not just be an exercise in ticking boxes but is principles and methods based report where preset monitoring points are addressed in sentences. The HC would be done with the SBN co-ordinator.

The end of a financial year brings with it the opportunity to look back at what happened. One of the very difficult things for the small business person to do is to extricate themselves from their day-to-day role and review their business. Some term this working on the business not working in the business.

In the world of bigger business, this is the role played by directors at monthly or bi-monthly board meetings.

When managers are involved in this process it is not uncommon that they go away somewhere where there are no phones and place themselves in a different environment. For the small businessperson, this role has been filled by there accountant or by a business coach. One of the challenges for the small entrepreneur of future will be finding somebody able to help them work on their business in a holistic way. The traditional training of accountants and business coaches does not encompass the wider issues we have been dealing with.

review business performance

as already mentioned review sales weekly and have a more thorough review each month.

what would we do differently

could we do better?

How does the business fit with my personal life?



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