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What is is a Bash shell script to manage passwords and other secrets. It uses GnuPG to symmetrically (i.e., using a master password) encrypt and decrypt plain text files.

Release notes

Version 2 (2020)

The second release of features many security and reliability improvements, and is a recommended upgrade. Compatible on Linux, OpenBSD, macOS. Changelist:

  • Passwords are now encrypted as individual files, rather than all encrypted as a single flat file.
  • Individual password filenames are random, mapped to usernames in an encrypted index file.
  • Index and password files are now "immutable" using chmod while is not running.
  • Read passwords are now copied to clipboard and cleared after a timeout, instead of printed to stdout.
  • Use printf instead of echo for improved portability.
  • New option: list passwords in the index.
  • New option: create tar archive for backup.
  • Removed option: delete password; the index is now a permanent ledger.
  • Removed option: read all passwords; no use case for having a single command.
  • Removed option: suppress generated password output; should be read from safe to verify save.

    Version 1 (2015)

    The original release which has been available for general use and review since July 2015. There are no known bugs nor security vulnerabilities identified in this stable version of Compatible on Linux, OpenBSD, macOS.

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