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What is Monitor and Control Risks?

Risk is one of the 9 topic areas of project management knowledge.

Risk Monitoring and Control is the section of Project execution where the Project Manager and Project Team put in practise what decided in the earlier phase of project risk planning and apply adequate responses in case of the occurrence of risks.

Risks are potential future events that can adversely affect a project’s Cost, Schedule, Scope or Quality (CSSQ). In prior phases, the Project Manager defined these events as accurately as possible, determined when they would impact the project, and developed a Risk Management Plan.

In Project Execution and control however, impact dates draw closer, and risks become much more tangible. The Project Manager must continually look for new risks, reassess old ones, and re-evaluate risk mitigation plans. The Project Manager should involve the whole Project Team in this endeavour, as various team members have their particular expertise and can bring a unique perspective to risk identification. As the Risk Management Worksheet is integrated into the status reporting process, this review and re-evaluation should take place automatically, with the preparation of each new status report.

Because the Risk Management Worksheet places risks in order according to their priority level, it is important to update all quantifiable fields to portray an accurate risk landscape. The risk probabilities may have changed; the expected level of impact may be different, or the date of impact may be sooner or later than originally anticipated – all of these variables determine which risks the Project Team will concentrate on first. Likewise, the Risk Management Plan needs to be constantly re-evaluated. Make sure the right people are still assigned to mitigation actions and that the actions still make sense in the context of the latest project developments. Another consideration is whether a specific risk’s probability level is high enough to warrant incorporating the Risk Management Plan in the Project Schedule via the change control process. If so, the risk should be removed from the worksheet. Finally, the Project Manager must be constantly on the lookout for additional risks. Reviewing the risks as part of regular status reporting should involve the whole Project Team via bidirectional communications.

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